How to balance a ceiling fan



If you have a shaky ceiling fan, you can save much time and money by learning how to balance a ceiling fan. An unbalanced ceiling fan would also end up damaging the motor’s bearing and bushings.
This may make unnecessary fan noise. Below is our step by step guide about how to balance a ceiling fan and prevent your fan wobble.

How to balance a ceiling fan – Basic steps



  1. First and foremost, make sure you turn off the fan’s power at the breaker
  2. Make sure the fan blades are free of dust and build-up. A lot of dust can increase the weight of any of the fan blades hence cause them to wobble. Bear in mind in some cases dust may have build up in several months or even years. If the fan does not stop wobbling after dusting, then there might be a loose or misaligned blade
  3. Inspect all the blades to confirm that they are bolted in firmly. Check the fan’s flywheel. This is the part of the fan joined to ceiling. Once there, make sure the joints between the blade and the flywheel are well bolted. In case you find any loose or missing screws, replace them using a screwdriver
  4. Using a ruler, yardstick or tape measure, check the distance between the ceiling and the end of each blade. This is known as the blade alignment.
  5. In case the blades are not equally aligned, meaning that some of the distances are a little higher than others, bending the blades up or down carefully at the blade holder should help fix the problem. Please use little force not to break anything that attaches to the flywheel. Just use a little bit of pressure to align the blade
  6. Go ahead and switch on the fan to check whether the wobbling has stopped. If the wobbling doesn’t stop, use the balancing kit as follows
  7. Weigh the blades with a balancing clip. You can get a blade balancing kit at almost any home improvement stores. Normally it comes with a U-shaped clip and some small self-attaching weights.
  8. The U-shaped clip should be placed at the center of the blade, then check if wobble decreases after turning the fan on.

4 steps to wobble-free your ceiling fan



  1. Find out the speed that causes the fan to wobble most. Switch off the fan.
  2. Place the clip at the same position on another blade. Watch out for the blade that which helps to stop the wobbling after the clip is placed on it. That would be the blade you need to place weight on.
  3. Find out the best position to place the weight. Start at the center then move the clip towards the end of the blade. Keep turning the fan on to check if the wobbling stops. Also try bending blade gently up and down till the wobbling stops.
  4. Once you spot the specific blade and spot the point on the blade where to place the clip, replace the clip with a stick-on weight found in the kit. It should have a peel-off self-adhesive surface on which you fix it on top of the blade.